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Parquet Flooring

What is parquet flooring?


A brief history of parquet flooring

In the late medieval period in Europe, as upstairs rooms became more common in domestic dwellings, so did the practice of flooring them in timber planking. The progression from crude, rough planks to more delicate, patterned ones is not difficult to imagine. This process, over the course of centuries, probably occurred all over Europe simultaneously in various regions and countries. What we call parquet flooring today is what grew out of this process, shaped pieces of timber arranged into intricate patterns to form a floor surface.

What is recognised as parquet wood flooring today is said to have originated in the chateaux of France in the sixteenth century. This could have been a French invention or could have arrived with Catherine de’ Medici, her entourage, and her Italian cultural influence in the 1530s.

What are the different styles and patterns?

Over the centuries there have been many different types of parquet patterns. The most famous of which have been:

  • Herringbone parquet

  • Double herringbone

  • Chevron parquet (also known as Hungarian point parquet)

  • Basketweave parquet

  • Parquet panels such as: Versailles, Albert, Chantilly, Cross, Etoile

  • Mansion weave parquet

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Modern Parquet Flooring

Modern parquet flooring has not lost it appeal and is still regarded as one of the most elegant floor coverings available today.

A must among interior designers parquet flooring brings that something special to any environment, available in a range of new patterns and species from around the world the industry has never been more exciting. 

Bespoke Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring can be laid in pretty much any  custom design or pattern you can think of, some could even be described as works of art!

Let us know if your looking for that something 

extra special, with a one off personal design.

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Parquet Flooring

Please browse the gallery below for some of the beautiful parquet flooring on sale from flooring contracts ltd

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