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Hardwood Flooring

Luxury Wooden Floors

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Exotic Hardwoods

Add a luxurious feel to your home or business

Exotic hardwood flooring creates a luxurious look and feel to any property.

With its beautiful colours and distinctive grain patterns its easy to see why hardwood flooring has become so popular over the years, there's nothing quite like it!   


How durable is hardwood flooring?

One question were often asked at flooring contracts ltd is how durable hardwood flooring is and how long should it last?

A good quality hardwood floor should last a life time, you should look to sand and refinish your floors every 10-15 years if looked after properly.

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What species to go for?

With thousands of species to choose from which is best?

A question we are often asked is that with all of the choices available, which hardwood do I go for?

The truth is, it really depends on what you looking for.

Lighter hardwoods give you more choice further down the line and can easily be stained an endless amount of different colours to create bespoke finishes.

Darker hardwoods add an exotic feel with exciting grain patterns, they also tend to be very hardwearing and with a high natural oil content more resistant to water damage than lighter wooden floors.

Solid or Engineered?

What's the difference? 

An important question when purchasing wooden flooring is weather to go for a solid or engineered hardwood floor?

Solid flooring is a 100% natural product and so over time will move, twist and warp. While this will be the absolute minimum and barely noticeable, its what gives the floor its character and a more natural look it will also take more sands than an engineered floor. 

Engineered hardwood flooring on the other hand is perfect, made with a top layer of hardwood fixed on a man made ply base. Engineered flooring shouldn't twist or warp and with so many options available there's a look and style for everyone.

Due to having a ply base engineered hardwood flooring is great for use over underfloor heating! 


Beautiful Hardwood Flooring

Browse below at our range of solid and engineered luxurious hardwood flooring