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Dust Free Floor Sanding 

At Flooring contracts ltd we constantly strive to achieve the perfect finish,

Using only the finest dust free floor sanding technology available combined with the worlds finest floor finishing products, a wealth of experience in working with all styles, species and ages of wooden floors, your wooden floors in safe hands with us.

We have restored thousands of wooden floors using our tried and tested methods of sanding and finishing wooden flooring.


We achieve the perfect finish through using multiple grades of sand paper and variety of the finest dust free floor sanding machines each sanding the floor space in a different direction than the previous.


This method allows us to get right back to the bare wood removing any pre existing damage, lacquers, oils or contaminants only taking the minimum off of the wood to preserve the life span of the floor. 

Once we have achieved a smooth clean surface free of any sanding marks or contaminants the floor space is sealed,

we can provide an unlimited range of bespoke finishes using our vast experience in the floor sanding and polishing industry.

We have built a wealth of knowledge in the finest brands and products on the market, ensuring that we can give you the look you want in the most durable and practical way possible.    


If your wooden floors look as though they've had better days,

look no further and get in touch now to see what we can do for you! 

The kit 

Flooring contracts ltd only use the finest wood floor sanding machines on the market. Using lagler machines we ensure the the floor sanding is of the absolute highest standard while dust is kept to the absolute minimum, over 98% dust free to be exact!

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Bespoke Finishing

Flooring contracts ltd offer an unlimited range of finishes and products to give you the look and textures you want from your wooden floors.


From custom staining and coloured hard-wax oils to clear hard wearing water based lacquers we have the extensive experience needed to find the finish that's right for you!   

Historic Wood Floor Restoration and Repair

Over the years flooring contracts ltd has restored and preserved countless historical wooden floors in some of the most prestigious buildings in the country.

We use a combination of our knowledge of installing intricate parquet flooring and the different species of hardwoods from around the world for seamless repairs.

Our experience in Wood Floor sanding and Hardwood floor finishes guarantees that your antique wooden floors will look better than they ever have before, while preserving the life of the timber for many years to come.    

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